Jung Library, 83 Archdeacon St, Nedlands
Librarian: Olive Mason
The CG Jung Society of Western Australia has a library which is housed privately and open for the benefit of members. The library was set up in 1964 with a gift of books from the Kristine Mann Library of the New York CG Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology. At that time the New York Foundation was publishing books written by some of the senior Jungian analysts who had been trained by Dr Jung. Mrs CW Dunn of New York very generously sent new copies to us as gifts. We bought the English translations of volumes of Jung's Collected Works as they became available, including Mysterium Coniunctionis which was published in 1963. These were of course all quality hardback copies.
At that time we also began purchasing the relevant journals that were available. Later Mrs Rix Weaver donated her collection of journals to the library and we now have almost complete sets of these. We have the first Spring journal published in 1941 (during wartime). The first edition of the Journal of Analytical Psychology was edited by Michael Fordham and published in 1956. Our collection starts with Volume 1 Number 2 and we have most of the volumes published since then.
Dr Donald Broadribb was a Jungian Analyst and Life Member of the Society, and his wife has kindly donated many of his books to our Library.
George Tripp and Rob Routley also generously donated a large selection of books to the Jung Society Library.
And there have been other individual donors. We are much indebted to them.

The library offers the full spectrum of Jungian thought including current Jungian Journals as well as a wide range of Jungian topics by individual author. Books on mythology, symbols and alchemy as well as Reference books and Anthologies can aid in individual research and enjoyment.
In addition to the books, the library has a collection of audio tapes - mostly of lectures given locally. We also have a few videos. Members can borrow up to 4 books, 2 tapes and 1 video for one month. Renewal can be made by telephone (if the item is not required by another borrower). Please return the books on time.
The Library, at 83 Archdeacon St, Nedlands, is open on the first Sunday of each month from 2pm - 5pm.
You do not have to be a Library Member to visit the library and have a look. Society and Library Membership is required if you wish to borrow books.
Library Members unable to attend on the first Sunday of the month may visit the library by appointment. Please contact Olive Mason (Librarian) on 9386 5968 to arrange a mutually suitable time.