The CG Jung Society of Western Australia is run by its members for the benefit of members and the wider community. It has prospered for over 54 years through generous contributions.
If you would like to volunteer time and ideas to the Society, please contact the Secretary, Britt Garrett, to discuss possibilities or arrange attendance at one of our friendly Committee meetings.
Library Bequests
The Society's Jungian Library is one of the largest of its type in the world. The most valuable portion of this collection has been accumulated from gifts made over the last half-century from Jungian organisations, Analysts and members. (Please see the Library page for details of major historical donations.)
The Society would like to thank and honour those who have made recent gifts to the Library:
Neville Gazey, past treasurer of the CG Jung Society, has donated a collection of Jungian books on behalf of his wife Marie Gazey, now passed away, who was an active member of the Analytic Psychology Club of WA.
Elva Harper has donated her collection of Jungian psychology books to the Jung Society library. She wanted it to go to a place where she knew it would be valued and shared. These books, by authors such as Marie-Louise von Franz, James Hillman, and many other Jungian thinkers, will be treasured. (Elva has now passed away; we will remember her.)
Mary Masselos gave the library a copy of her CD Neptune: Nocturnes and Nuages following her insightful lecture and workshop last year.
Jenni Woodroffe donated her collection of the Parabola Magazine. Combined with the journals the Jung Society Library already has, the catalogue of Parabola is nearly complete. This quarterly print magazine is about the study of the myths, rituals, symbols, and arts of the world's spiritual traditions. It explores tradition, myth and the search for meaning with a rich assortment of articles, stories, images and artwork.
Judy Vasek who donated Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth series on cassette, which we showed recently on Film. Library members might wish to take this opportunity to revisit the series.
Jacinta Frawley donated the book Living the Tides of Uncertainty: Proceedings of the Sandplay Therapists of America National Conference 2004 following her seminar on the Clinical Applications of Sandplay.
David Tacey allowed the Jung Society to reproduce the series of lectures he gave to the society last year. The doggies are in with a chance.
Barbara Baynes Barbara’s family has kindly donated her collection of books to the Society. Barbara was a member of the Society for many years.
Donald Broadribb Donald’s wife Liz has kindly donated many of Donald’s books to the Society. Donald was a Jungian Analyst and Life Member of the Society.
The Society warmly welcomes future gifts and donations and will recognise these in the Semester Programmes and on the web site.

If you wish, you are welcome to make a financial donation to The Society via Paypal by clicking this button: