President's Welcome
Dear Members and Friends
Welcome to our 2019 season. We have a great program planned for you, with a number of films and lectures. The lectures form a mini theme, around Fathers and Daughters by Jungian psychotherapist Katy Bannister and a lecture and workshop on Mothers and Daughters with Jungian Analyst Manita Beskow. Professional Development Certificates are available for all events. Please see the Program Guide attached. If you wish to print it out as a brochure, choose print double side and flip on the short edge. Tea, coffee and cake and a light snack will be served before all events.

We begin the year with a Library Open Day and Book Sale on Sunday March 24 from 2-4 pm. Please see our Current Program for more information. We will be sending out a library newsletter with book reviews of books in the library, activities taking place there and new books available. If you wish to contribute please let me or Olive know.

Our first film will be on the second Friday of April (the 12th of April) looking at the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon. He is bringing Jungian ideas to a whole new generation and we thought we would have a look! We will show excerpts from his discussion of the Lion King, followed by a panel discussion on Masculine Psychology.
Our Fairy tale discussion group will begin on Saturday April 13th. Please see the attached flyer.
In May we will have panel of four Jungian Analysts presenting on Matters of the Heart: Holding Poetic Therapeutic Space. Ken Milling, Andre Zanardo, Gregg Kershaw and Brittain Garrett will be talking about what matters most to each them in the analytic space. Starting in May and running over three Saturdays we will be holding another Fairy Tale reading and discussion group with Jungian analysts Manita Beskow and Brittain Garrett.
In May Manita Beskow will give a lecture and workshop on Mothers and Daughters.
In June and July we will be showing the fabulous two part lecture by Donald Kalsched on Trauma and the Soul. We have shown this before, but it is a must see, for clinicians and anyone interested in Depth Psychology. It is brilliant!
In August we will show a film by Marion Woodman called Dancing in the Flames.
In September Katy Bannister will be speaking on Fathers and Daughter – From shadow to agency: Fathering and a daughter’s emergent self.
You will also see a link to the Membership application form elsewhere on this site. Membership, in addition to supporting the Society, gives you a significant reduction in prices to all lectures and workshops. Membership runs from April to April so make sure you get your application in early to take full advantage of it.

We look forward to seeing you!


Brittain Garrett
CG Jung Society of WA Inc 2018