President's Welcome
Dear Members and Friends
Hello and welcome to a New Year. We have a number of new initiatives happening. Firstly, we have reduced entry fees for films and lectures by $5.00. This means that films are now $5.00 for members and lectures $10! And that includes tea and coffee and cake. Membership prices remain the same, but we have shortened our season slightly. It now runs from March to September. Prices and information are on the attached Program Guide Summary. You will see that the lay out is different. It is a small two page summary which you can print out and fold into a brochure (just make sure to print double sided). We will then send flyers for each individual event. The first two events of the year are attached here. The other flyers will follow shortly and you will receive monthly reminders.

We are also going to do a book of the month review of a book from the Jung Society Library. So if you are moved to share a review of a book from the library that you are reading, please do! There are so many brilliant Jungian books in our library. It is just such a pleasure to go and immerse oneself in such wisdom and creative insight. Which is why we are starting the year with a Library Open Day and Book Sale so that you too can come and bask in such wisdom too (See the attached flyer). It will start at 2:00 pm on Saturday March 17. There will be a book sale of ex-library books and more that have been generously donated to the Society. Titles by Marie Louise von-Franz (lots on fairy tales Ė which will be good for our Fairy Tale group this year), Hillman, Jung, and many more. Please come and have a browse and enjoy afternoon tea. If you are a member, please come along for a Special Meeting on that day that we are calling so that we can vote on adopting the new Model Rules for Associations. It is similar to and will replace our constitution. Members will be notified closer to the date. If you have an questions or would like to receive a copy of the Model Rules or our existing Constitution, please contact me. The vote will be held at 3:00 pm on March 17, at the Jung Society Library 83 Archdeacon St Nedlands .

So! A big year ahead. We will start with the Library Open Day in March.
In April we will be showing a film Jung and the Red Book from a Symposium on the Red Book at the Library of Congress with lectures by Sonu Shamdasani, James Hillman and Anne Ulanov. (See the attached flyer)
In May we will have panel of four Jungian Analysts presenting on Matters of the Heart: Holding Poetic Therapeutic Space. Ken Milling, Andre Zanardo, Gregg Kershaw and Brittain Garrett will be talking about what matters most to each them in the analytic space. Starting in May and running over three Saturdays we will be holding another Fairy Tale reading and discussion group with Jungian analysts Manita Beskow and Brittain Garrett.
In June Lorenz Gude will be giving a lecture on Jung Since the Red Book: Art Science and Religion.
In July the film The Holy Grail by Robert Johnson on Menís Psychology will be shown.
In August Jungian Analyst Lorrain Underwood will be speaking on The Crone: Witch or Wise Woman?
In September Jungian Analyst Aditee Ghate from Singapore will be returning to give a lecture (which she recently gave at the Journal of Analytical Psychology International Conference on Dissociation: Trauma and the Self in NYC and which is about to be published in the Journal of Analytical Psychology in April!) The lecture is called Traumatic Dissociation of aspects of the feminine: an Asian cultural perspective. She will also be running two workshops, a basic and advanced, on Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and Embracing Sensitivity.

More information will follow, and you can also check the website or feel free to contact me.

Looking forward to the year ahead and we hope to see you there!


Brittain Garrett
CG Jung Society of WA Inc 2018