10am-4pm Sun 23 September 2018 LOCATION TBA
Embracing Sensitivity: Intensive (Advanced) HSP Workshop
Presenter Aditee Ghate
Usually knowing you're highly sensitive is just the beginning... it evokes both a relief at finally finding out *what* had been missing, while at the same time, oddly raising the consciousness of the burden associated with being one. This intensive workshop intends to address both these aspects associated with high sensitivity. The first half of the workshop will facilitate the insights into your unique personality dimensions by exploring your attachment style as well as your triadic relationship between the mind, body and emotions. In the second half we would consider the implications on interpersonal relationships as well as your engagement with your work space. Also what the implications are for being so finely tuned into the differing spaces in your life.
Minimum Requirement (Ideally): Attended Basic HSP Workshop &/OR Read up on HSP by Elaine Aron.
NOTE: While this workshop would add depth in understanding *your* specific issues it cannot address the individualistic and unique needs of your own history. Additionally, group work entails being mindful of the need to manage confidential boundaries.
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Cost: TBA