7:30pm-9:00pm Fri 20 July 2018 Mary Lockett Lecture Theatre
THE HOLY GRAIL: Understanding Masculine Psychology
Presenter: Robert Johnson
In this film Dr. Johnson unveils a blueprint for the modern western male by taking us back to an ancient Arthurian myth. As he sits in his garden with Steven H. Wong, Dr. Johnson touches on many human themes, expanding on his bestselling book HE. Dr. Johnson highlights Parsifal's story as a collective dream, one that carries with it the wisdom of the ages combined with a map onto the future of the western psyche.
He talks about the introvertís experience of the Mother Complex, how it rises up in the form of moods, and in that defeatist attitude which wants to crawl back into the safety of childhood. If one does get the chance for a second visit to the Grail Castle, and can do it right, it is an opportunity to live a highly creative old age.
Robert Johnson is a noted Jungian analyst, lecturer, and world-renowned author whose numerous books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies since his first book was published in 1974.
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