10am-4pm Sat 16 September 2017 De la Ferriere House
The Witch as Teacher in Fairly Tales
Presenter Nuria Daly
This will be an experiential workshop, where we will further explore the role of the Witch - Teacher in our own lives. We will also examine some major themes in these ancient teaching tales, such as the role of the psychopomp – the flying horse, which can be seen as our internalised teacher, who can take us to those inner realms and guide us on the way. There is the dilemma of the frog-skin in the Frog princess. Should Princess Vassilisa’s husband the Prince have burned her frog-skin? Would she ever have burned it herself? The frog-skin is that interface between the inner and the outer realms. In Cenerentola we discover in a sense how the ‘frog-skin’ came into being – it could well be the back story of the Frog Princess – what has really been burned to create the ash and cinders that she sits among?
We will also work with the effect of sound which accompanies the transition from one realm to the other in our stories. We will resonate the vibration of the Hu in different places – our heart, head, above the head where the I and Thou intersect. Participants are encouraged to bring with them, recent dreams which may reflect themes from the fairy tales.
Nuria Daly became very interested in C G Jung when she first came to Australia and studied to be a counselling psychologist as a result of this. She belonged to the CG Jung Society in Melbourne for many years and undertook six and a half years of Jungian analysis. She was initiated into the Sufi Movement in the mid 1990s and has become a Sufi leader and teacher. Nuria has given talks at the C G Jung Society in Melbourne, Interfaith gatherings and leads meditation groups, and retreats and leads a regular Sufi Group in Melbourne. She is the National Representative of the International Sufi Movement in Australia and has written articles for the Sufi Journal, Towards the One, which is unfortunately no longer published (since the GFC). Story telling is a major tool in Sufism and her Sufi guide and teacher is a great story teller; so this has been a source of insight and understanding for her. She herself is a born storyteller and uses this in her teaching.
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