7:30pm-9.00pm Fri 20 October 2017 Mary Lockett Lecture Theatre
Maria Prophetissa - Symbol of the Golden Table of Twelve Nations
Speaker Manita Beskow
For some, Maria Prophetissa is seen to have legendary qualities. For others she is considered a learned person, respected as an alchemist and philosopher. As well as this she has contributed, with her very practical qualities, inventions like the bain-marie (water boiler).
This talk will be looking at the relevance of Maria Prophetissa to our times and to Jungian psychology. It will be looking at how she has evolved as a feminine principle and as a multi-cultural figure represented by Miriam (Hebrew), Isis (Egyptian) and Mary (Gnostic Christian).
We will look at her cryptic statement, packed with meaning that considers the principle: “One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes the one as the fourth”.
Manita Beskow is a Jungian Analyst and registered psychologist who continues to work towards creating the space for people to become more conscious of who there are. Her analytical practice is in the Perth Hills. She also teaches Yoga and Meditation.
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