7:30pm-9.00pm Fri 16 June 2017 Mary Lockett Lecture Theatre
MIND THE GAP: Transformation as the creative use of defences
Speaker Mandy Browne
Defenses are developed from early infancy as a way to protect us from the vicissitudes of those relationships we earnestly stretch towards and depend upon. Jungian Analyst Donald Kalsched speaks of the creative ways in which unconscious protective parts of the self develop and how in certain traumatic circumstances they can turn inwards to become destructive. When we enter analysis those defenses make themselves present in all sorts of subtle and not so subtle guises. When Jung said that analysis was ‘surgery without anesthetic’ he wasn’t wrong! So how can the analytic encounter tenderly negotiate these vitally important defensive places towards transformative possibilities? In the process of analysis the relationship between analyst and analysand is crucial. Inevitably one’s defenses appear in and through the vulnerability of this relational experience. Should things develop well the ground is laid to foster the potential for creative imagination to be utilised, thus helping to employ the defenses in a more constructive way. Thus the field for vivid and potent images becomes possible. The imagistic nature of his thinking is one of Jung’s many profound legacies. In this seminar I intend to speak to the potency of defenses and imagination and invite you to ponder your own associations and responses.
Mandy Browne is a Jungian Psychotherapist and candidate in Stage II of the ANZSJA analytic training program. Her visual arts background and long experience with Jungian analysis led her to completing an MA in Art Therapy, followed by numerous years teaching and supervising in the Postgraduate Counselling Program at Murdoch University. She is in private practice working individually with children and adults. Her main area of interest in the Jungian opus is in the fields of intersubjectivity, relational practice and the capacity for image and symbol to come alive within the rich domain of unconscious processes.
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