7:30pm-9.00pm Fri 21 July 2017 Mary Lockett Lecture Theatre
Ensoulment: A Diverse Analysis of the Feminine in Western Culture
Presenter: Lorís Simón Salum
Ensoulment is a film that brings about a unique perspective on the psyche. With incredible personalities such as Dr. James Hollis, Dr. Abigail Disney or Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, and amazing academics like Dr. Cynthia Eller, Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling (among many others), we bring you the animated story of filmmaker Lorís Simón as she embarks on a journey in search of meaning, belonging and the path back to her true self.
From the theories of C.G. Jung, this film will explore the feminine principle in present day Western society. What is the feminine? The feminine is a group of genderless characteristics related to emotions, intuition, creativity, receptiveness, nurturance, etc... expressions that we tend to push aside in order to give space to reason, logical thinking, structure. Ensoulment tells a story that proposes recovering the feminine without losing the masculine. We need both to be whole, to be happy and to be fulfilled.
Lorís Simón Salum is the writer, director and editor. She was born in Mexico City in 1988. She moved to Houston, TX in 1998 where she earned her Psychology degree from Rice University and began working as a filmmaker. She joined the Literal Magazine team in 2005 as a Visual Media Consultant while also interning at Univision and PBS. In 2012, Lorís began Ensoulment as a proposed project for Literal Magazine in which she took the lead as director. Lorís currently resides in Houston and has recently become the Vice President for Women in Film and Television Houston.
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