7:30pm-9.00pm Fri 18 August 2017 Mary Lockett Lecture Theatre
FAIRY TALES AND THE ARCHETYPAL DYNAMICS OF THE SOUL: How to remain human in a technological world
Speaker Horst Kornberger
Horst Kornberger will tell two archetypal fairy tales and explore their significance for the collective and individual psyche. The aim is to understand the relation between timeless validity of archetypal metaphors and their particular manifestation in our day and age. Horst will explore the importance of the imaginal literacy, i.e. our ability to understand archetypal metaphors as a indispensible navigation tool in world dominated by technology.
HORST KORNBERGER is a transdisciplinary artist, performer, writer, consultant, lecturer and researcher into the field of imagination and creativity. Horst is a director of Creativity Consultants Worldwide and The Writing Connection and teaches at Rudolf Steiner College Perth. Horst is the author of Global Hive - bee crisis and compassionate ecology, The Writerís Passage, and The Power of Stories. He lectures internationally on themes of creativity, education, ecology and the use of the imagination as a healing and community building tool. Horstís current artistic practice focuses on creating fields of interdisciplinary enquiry. More at www.horstkornberger.com
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